The Bottasso brothers, Nicolò on violin and Simone on diatonic accordion, play a show of world music with their own compositions and reinterpretations of folk songs. The Duo is always looking for a compromise between the delicacy on their instruments and the explosive energy that never fails to these two young musicians: all this combined with the complicity of this two brothers bound by the desire to keep evolving the tradition of their homeland.

In 2014 Duo Bottasso releases his first album Crescendo, featuring Elena Ledda, Mauro Palmas, Gilson Silveira and many others guests. Cresendo symbolizes both the music dynamics and a the story of two brother musicians firmly rooted in the dance music of the Occitan area in Italy, aiming at the adeventuring in the paths of new compositions and improvisation.The Duo played in many important festivals and works as directors and teachers for the orchestral project Folkestra&Folkoro.

Diatonic Accordion

Simone Bottasso

Musician, composer and conductor, Simone Bottasso began playing the accordion in 1995 at the age of 8 studying the occitan and french traditional music. He studied accordion with Riccardo Tesi, Norbert Pignol, Marc Perrone, Silvio Peron; he graduates as well in classical and jazz flute in “Conservatorio G.Verdi di Torino” where he studied with Furio Di Castri, Emanuele Cisi, Giampaolo Casati and Dado Moroni.

In 2013 he moved to Rotterdam to study jazz, contemporary and electronic composition with Paul Van Brugge Renè Uijlenhoet at CODARTS.

He is collaborating as a musician and composer with several projects: “Duo Bottasso”, Abnoba, Triotonico, Folk Messengers, Stygiens, ... He has played in several festivals of jazz, classical and world music: Festival Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo, Torino Settembre Musica, MITO, European Jazz Expo in Cagliari, Folkest, the Festival Interceltique de Lorient, theFestival de Cournouaille of Quimper (France), Trad It Festival (Netherlands), Sidmouth Folk Festival (UK), ... In 2010 he collaborated with Paolo Fresu and the Alborada Quartet.

He has recorded with Abnoba, Duo Bottasso, Tradalp, Folk Messengers and Suriscot Trio and he wrote a thesis for his jazz degree on the connections between jazz and world music in Italy.

In 2012 and 2013 he was invited by Riccardo Tesi to conduct the orchestra of the festival Sentieri Acustici of Pistoia that performed his own compositions inspired by traditional songs from Tuscany.

He is artistic director with his brother Nicolò and Pietro Numico of the “Folkestra&Folkoro”, folk orchestra based in Torino. The ensemble, founded by the Duo Bottasso in 2009, is formed by 50 musicians and performs original compositions and arrangement of italian folk songs, combiningcontemporary, jazz and rock influences to the beauty of folk melodies.

Violin & Trumpet

Nicolo Bottasso

When was 7, Nicolò Bottasso took an interest and soon learned to play the fiddle. Along with playing Occitan traditional music he then studied other violin styles and repertories attending master classes under Raphael Maillet, Tony Canton, Daniel Gourdon and Dave Shepherd. In 2005 he entered classical training at G.F. Ghedini Conservatoire in Cuneo, where he attended classes under Ludovico Tramma, Manuel Zigante and Giovanni Zordan. In 2010 he began to study the trumpet with Fabiano Cudiz. From 2014 he has been studying violin under Piergiorgio Rosso and jazz under Giampaolo Casati at G. Verdi Conservatoire in Turin.

With Duo Bottasso and Stygiens he has performed many important festivals in Italy (Premio Andrea Parodi, Sentieri Acustici), France (Rencontre International des Luthiers et Maitres Sonneurs), Montecarlo (Printemps des Arts), Netherlands, Belgium (Gooikoorts, Boombalfestival), the United Kingdom (Sidmouth Folk Week, Towersey Village Festival), Portugal and Germany.

With Ensemble TradAlp he has played in Spain and Finland. With his brother Simone and Pietro Numico shares membership and artistic direction of Folkestra&Folkoro, a 50 members orchestra created by Duo Bottasso in 2009. He recorded TradAlp with Ensemble TradAlp and Crescendo with Duo Bottasso .