Piedmont born Simone (diatonic accordion) and Nicolò Bottasso (fiddle) are confident and conscious musicians, who deeply master the grammar of traditional styles. What’s more, they don’t stand still, for them tradition is not to be placed untouched in a museum. Simone and Nicolò Bottasso play contemporary folk music, whose geographical boundaries sometimes become blurred.


Crescendo (2014, Visage Music 3004)

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Guest:    Elena Ledda    •    Jacopo Albini    •    Filippo Ansaldi    •    Christian Thoma    •    Mauro Palmas    •    Umberto Fantini    •    Maurizio Redegoso    •    Manuel Zigante    •    Pietro Numico    •    Luca Curcio    •    Gilson Silveira     Credits:    Produced by Duo Bottasso in 2014    •    All arrangements by Duo Bottasso    •    Recordings and Mixing by Carlo Miori and Duo Bottasso at Only Music Studio    •    Edits and Mastering by Carlo Miori at Only Music Studio    •    Graphic Design by 3ma Studio    •    Photos by Dario Dusio    •    Printed by Visage Music s.a.s.    •    Distributed in Italy by Materiali Sonori    •    Diatonic accordion MAS by Castagnari